Bonus Types

The traditional online casino bonus is cashable bonus. This means after completing the set condition can any remaining money will be lifted from the casino account.

The sticky bonus but is now more common because it forces the player to more risk. For the experienced player with an appropriate bankroll the Sticky bonus is however almost as valuable as the "cashable bonus".

A sticky bonus is never paid and is only put (for wagering purpose only). You pay 100 euros to the casino account and get 100 EUR Sticky bonus. If you take off now satisfies the set condition and all his money, the casino draws from this amount back from the 100 Euro bonus. The player would therefore with small 1 Euro bets (let's say) meet 1000 euros set condition, about 195 Keep what you win casino free bonus would end up back in his account. He raises 195 € from the casino deducts 100 Euro, stay 95 euros left, a loss of 5 euros and a lot of time.

What then is the value of stickies?

If we take the same 200 euros and do everything at once. If we win, we win 200 euros, if we lose, we lose 100 euros. It's a little easier, but the chances of winning are approximately 1 to 2 or 50%. On average, we will once gain 200 euros and 100 euros losing once.

Let's play two such bonuses, we win and we lose a:

200 Euro - 100 Euro = 100 Euro profit for two bonuses. So a bonus was worth 50 euros at the online mobile casino express.

The higher we put our profit target, the more the 100 euros sticky bonus approaches the value of 100 euros, "disbursing bonus":

After winning the 200 Euro bet 400 euros on the casino account. Let's put this 400 times and still win are 800 euros in the account. Doubling twice succeeds in about 1 out of 4 cases. In 2 cases we lose the first bet, and thus our entire stake for this bonus. In 1 case we win the first bet and lose the second, and in 1 case we win both bets. Of the EUR 800 700 euros have our money and may be withdrawn, since we have used 100 Euro means a profit of 600 euros.

600 EUR - 3 * 100 Euro (the losing bets on all other bonuses) = 300 EUR profit for 4 such bonuses. A bonus was worth 75 euros.

Sticky bonuses need to be played with a lot more courage to take risks and you should only look after them when you experience with online bonuses and has a corresponding "bankroll" (bankroll). Under 2000 euros should start one at But then they can be very valuable.

How to play stickies?

There are many ways to play sticky bonuses. A good method is to set a profit target. For example, the doubling of the money to the casino account. Now you bet every hand 25% of its account balance to reach the profit target or loss all money paid. When you reach its profit target is completed the wagering requirements with small bets and then takes off his money.

Importantly, sticky bonuses need to be played aggressively and should only be played if you have enough bankroll and are well versed with casino bonuses. That is why we have in our casino list no game Recommendation for sticky bonuses, the player should be able to assess themselves what game makes sense for him in the specific case.


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