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A problem here is certain that many of the new laws allow different interpretations of texts. Another is the chronic shortage of staff of regulatory agencies, which makes impossible a permanent control and the lack of precedents. But the city fathers promise that it will soon be costly for operators play live online casino. It is of public order, legal proceeding, and other means of coercion mentioned.


Exactly 20 years ago, long before the general poker boom, Austria Peter Zanoni said in the almighty CasinoAustriaAG and their monopoly of the fight. His recipe was to offer poker in a comfortable atmosphere with the best service and thus to create an alternative to the usual mobile casino games. Also, he wanted to convince the authorities of the legitimacy of poker. The fight with the Austrian authorities is still not over but just recently he could convince the judges that the new gambling law is unconstitutional and thus prevent the destruction of his life's work.


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