Which casino game is best for you?

The main reason why people play casino games is obviously to win a lot of money. But in order to win a small fortune, you need to do your research and play to your strengths, and most of that is finding the right casino game for you.

How to find out your strengths

The obvious way of figuring out what game you're best at is to play a lot of them. Now, we're not all made of money so this is easier said than done, but if you get your hands on some free money then this is a much more achievable goal.

Mobile casinos offer loads of free money to new players, plus you can play the games wherever you are giving you the ideal opportunity to hone your technique and figure out where your strengths are. A simple Google search will throw up loads of sites to sign up to, many giving out free money and great deposit bonuses. The Fortune Frenzy mobile mobile payment casino for example gives out a free 5 to all new players, plus a 100% bonus on your first three deposits at



Give all the games a try

A lot of casinos will let you make bets for as little as 1p, which will make your free money go even further. Sample all the games at the casino of your choice, and mentally record which games you're winning most on, and which ones you're losing a bit more. This will be a great indication of which casino game is

Last but not least, always read the rules before you start to use bet365 bonus code 2015. This isn't just so you know where you stand with the game, but also to figure out where the biggest payouts are and what the minimum and maximum betting options are.


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