Mobile gambling on the rise in the UK

Mobile devices have become a part of our daily life, lately. You can get just about anything on your mobile phone, on your tablet PC or “iThingie”. With this vast expansion in recent years, every industry has grown its own apps and features to take part in the growing mobile market.

We have looked at the different options a casino player has, to go and gamble on the go. There are hundreds of casinos advertising their apps on the internet as being fully mobile friendly, however according to our test there were only a hand full that actually worked without compromising the gambling experience, players are used to in online casinos.

The vast majority of websites (yes even the big names) had at least some sort of compatibility issues with either the operating system or the device itself.

There were however websites like, where people are able to grab a piece of the gambling action and out it in their pockets for on-the-go entertainment. The mobile blackjack suite of this site is exceptionally well built and offers players the same gambling experience as they would get on a regular computer.

Many options still remain the favorites of online gamblers. Mobile casino slots are becoming vastly popular as they don’t need many controls and can be played neatly on any mobile device. The best ones in the industry offer full support for all Apple and Android devices alike and add an extra “touch” of refinement to the games, using the touchscreen of these devices for easy navigation.


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