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Bo Sun bypassed the electronic shutdown to the last bet by deliberately releasing the ball early. The element of chance has been eliminated and, significantly increases the chances for gamblers to clear large. The dealer dropped half of the gain in the amount of $ 52,000. The pair led through the mesh between July 2011 and April 2012, and won again more often than average. How often were their visits to the casino that the crooks couple finally even got VIP cards that could ultimately prove their fraud. Xiao, 28, and Zhou, 32, were found this year in each of three instances of fraud guilty and appeared yesterday at the sentencing at the


The court heard how the casino after an analysis of customer cards became suspicious, which showed that both won "far beyond the random addition". "The victories were far too often," said Judge Philip Connell. There was a lot to win a lot of money and so were the security staff of the SkyCity Casino irregularities suspected, and in the course of the investigations covered the casino surveillance cameras Xiao and Zhou at different times on the roulette table, where they can only be seen with Bo, the croupier were.


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